Form Follows Fiction

Designer Nina Bernert established her label in Vienna in 1987. All Bernert products are characterized by a number of wondrous properties: they are functional, modern and at the same time timeless in design; they project humor and joy. Shoes and bags are produced by hand with care in Austria. Nina Bernert designs can be found around the world in the most diverse shops: in museum shops e.g. at the MOMA in San Francisco), at retail furniture outlets, boutiques, at jewelers, florist and paper shops….
Again and again, Nina Bernert treads on new terrain with her shoe and bag production. Less in the form of spectacular designs than in the sense of a sustained curiosity that is constantly seeking new fields to explore.
“I tend to write down ideas and visions of new objects instead of drawing them. It’s a kind of inkling or feeling about all that a certain material can actually do beyond what it is supposed to be used for, and a yen for functions that a product should provide. New products result from the interplay of these two approaches.”